What is MealMatch, anyway?

MealMatch is a social platform that seeks to match Princeton students who would like to meet new people over a meal.
Want to meet your classmates? Don't have any plans for lunch or dinner? MealMatch finds other students who want to eat in your same preferred location and time.
You can meet with anyone at a dining hall on-demand, or you can schedule a meal for a few hours in advance.
MealMatch is easy-to-use and quickly creates opportunities for making new friends at a moment's notice.

MealMatch sends you text notifications whenever we find you a match! Upon finding a match, MealMatch gives you a quick bio and the contact information of your match.

From here, text your match, meet up in a dining hall, and become best friends!

Who built this?

Adam Kelch
[email protected]

Ameya Vaidya
[email protected]

Jeremy Dapaah
[email protected]

Rajiv Swamy
[email protected]


Due to the smaller volume of people attending breakfast, we decided to focus on creating matches for Lunch and Dinner.
We still accommodate matching for Brunch on the weekends.

Here is a summary of our matching algorithm:

  • When a new meal request is submitted, the algorithm goes through all requests, checking for all possible matches between two users (same dining hall(s), overlapping time window).
  • All possible matches are scored based on each user's matching preferences. A match has a base score of 1 for having a matching location and time period. Additonial points are awarded as follows:
    • If two users both have a Major/Year matching preference, additional points are awarded for either having a matching class year or major (one for each).
    • If two users both have a Random matching preference, two additional points are awarded.
    • If users have different matching preferences, no additional points are awarded.
  • Matches with higher scores are created before those with lower scores.
  • Note that if there is any possible match including a user, it will be created over not creating a match.


Want to give feedback to improve MealMatch? Tell us your thoughts here.


Dora Zhao, Graduate Advisor
Dr. Robert Dondero, COS 333 Course Professor